Cafe Cafen


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Cafe Cafen

A well-acclaimed cafe with a glowing reputation, Cafe Cafen is said to serve the best coffee in Brodum. The friendly and efficient service along with tasty food is the perfect combination, making the cafe a relaxing spot where to enjoy the serene environment.


The tea culture in Bodrum, as anywhere else in the exotic Turkey, dates back to hundreds years ago and permeates the lifestyle of the hearty Turks. Seen as a symbol of hospitality, it is regarded as part of the country´s cultural heritage. Turks love sitting in cafés, especially shady outdoor courtyards, while sipping a cup of sweet herbal or apple tea. Baklava, made of layers of pastry filled with nuts and pistachios, is one of the most traditional sweets, accompanying perfectly the unmissable ritual of the cuppa.