Parc Zoo du Reynou


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Parc Zoo du Reynou

Surrounded by a beautiful castle, this great zoo is located in the nature. You can walk around, interact with animals, have a picnic at one of the wooden tables. Most of the animals are not caged and benefited from a pleasant environment, where you can also feed the goats.

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For anyone interested in porcelain, Limoges is the place to go – with shops and museums devoted to the subject. But Limoges cannot be reduced to this part of its history and also offers many surprises such as the palace looking 1920's railway station and the La Règle subterranean tunnels. Around the city is the Limousin, an unspoiled, rustic region of woods, green meadows and rough pasture, simple cottages, flocks of sheep and beefy Limousin cattle.