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Monoprix is one of the most famous chains in France. Here you can find everything from food, cosmetics and interior design to affordable clothing.


Although Carcassonne is not a shopping destination, the city do offers some unique items to bring back home. Antiques, books, souvenirs, food and wines are the most popular items for travellers to buy when here. Carcassonne has two distinct shopping areas, the modern lower city, Bastide Saint Louis, with a vast array of retailers and bookshops and then there is the walled Cité for more authentic shops and where many of the shops are very much aimed at tourists. There are many small shops and stalls to explore with a large variety of souvenirs as well as carefully crafted items and art in the citadel When here, you should not miss out the markets where to explore fresh produce and feel the Mediterranean ambience, it is for sure a true pleasure for all of your senses. The covered food market, Les Halles is a good example where to stroll around an explore the food culture in Carcassonne. Due to the location, in a rich wine-growing region, you will find plenty of shops along the narrow streets that offers a great selection of local and regional wines. You will for sure find some favourites to bring back home.